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Question: What do I wear during a massage?

Answer: Whatever makes you feel most comfortable and I 100% mean this! If completely undressing is comfortable, go for it. But if leaving on all your clothes on is what you need that day I am happy to oblige and help you still feel like you're getting the most out of the session. The average choice is leaving your bottom undergarments on, that's a happy compromise. People have left their bras on before as well and that's an easy work around! Again, whatever makes you feel comfortable and able to relax your body, go for it. Note: You will always be covered with sheets **it is state law that genitals must be covered at all times** and I fully & securely drape my clients to the best of my abilities.

Question: Do you give happy endings?

Answer: Nope, only sad endings where I have the right to call the police for solicitation of a sexual act. So please, don't make it awkward.

Question: Why should I drink water before a massage?

Answer: You want your body to be well hydrated before coming in for a massage. It makes your muscle and tissue more pliable and it will allow the therapist to work deeper into the muscle tissue. This is better for stretching, flushing out toxins, and get better blood flow into areas with pain, knots and adhesions. It is also beneficial to not being so sore after a massage! You want to be drinking half your body weight in ounces at least a day or two prior to your massage and continue with your water intake a day or 2 after the massage to help flush out cellular waste.

Question: What do you mean by Cellular Waste or Toxins coming out after a massage?

Answer: Our bodies and cells every day are working very hard to keep us going. Creating muscle, blood flow, bodily fluids moving through their life cycles and dying. Dead cells accumulate in the Lymph system and are flushed out through sweat and the liver. When getting a massage I am pushing this waste around (like wringing out a rag), breaking up adhesions (like scabs holding muscle fibers together that are tangled) I do this new blood comes in and the old stagnant blood is pushed toward the liver to cleanse out and lymph is pushed toward the pancreas to cleanse out. So Hydrate! Otherwise your body will be filled with mucus...and that will make you feel like you have a massage hangover afterwards.

Question: Am I too over weight for a massage?

Answer: Definitely not, come as you are! My table holds up to 2500 lbs and as long as you have a body it is always welcome in my room which is a judgement free zone. Spirit is always welcome too without their body, but please no apparitions....I don't need the distraction. 

Question: What should I do to prepare for a massage?

Answer: Dress cozy if you can. There can be lotion/oils left on your skin and this can transfer to clothing so be aware, that can happen. General hygiene is always welcome so if you have time please shower, I give full body massage to include feet, glutes and face...Shaving of any body parts is not required.

Message me if you have any additional questions!

Frequently Asked Questions:

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